Dear Visitor,

Thanks for visiting this web pageprinting this page. I’m so glad you found it. I assume you wanna know something about me, like, what I do. Yeah? Okay then, I’ll give you the basics.

As a typeface designer, I’m the guy behind TypeTrust, a digital font foundry where you can buy some of my retail font releases like Heroic Condensed and Breuer Text. I’m always open to custom type design commissions. I love making fonts that people already know they want.

As a web developer (here’s where you can start skimming) I can admin an Ubuntu LAMP stack from the command line, structure and populate a fresh database using phpMyAdmin and all your messy Excel files, and build custom CMS backed web applications or really simple, responsive websites using my personal HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery framework. I can write complex SQL queries and make the results look pretty.

I can design for print too. InDesign for magazines, books, and catalogs. Illustrator for branded collateral, posters, silkscreened schwag. I have a decent understanding of digital prepress, so I always strive to deliver the most lightweight, optimized PDFs to the printer.

I guess that’s about it for this page. If you wanna know more, just email me.

hello at silasdilworth dot com

See ya!

PS: I like to bake bread and ride motorcycles for fun. How about you? What do you do for fun?