Hello, world!

I’m a font designer and web programmer. This is a casual portfolio of some of my typeface designs and websites.

I’m the proprietor of TypeTrust, a digital font foundry where you can buy and download my fonts, such as Breuer Text and Heroic Condensed. I’m always available for custom type design commissions. I have over thirteen years of working experience in both the technical and cosmetic aspects of typeface development.

I’m also available for web development projects. I write PHP/MySQL applications from scratch. I hand-code HTML, CSS, and jQuery/Javascript. The majority of my work includes highly customizable content management systems that provide my clients the ability to directly maintain the websites I build for them.

I’m originally from Upstate New York, and I spent a decade in Chicago before I moved to California. Now I live just outside Los Angeles city limits in Pasadena with my wife, Karyn, and a cat we named Lala.