Web Design & Development

While my forté keeps me busy with type design, I have been known to tackle web development projects. I do enjoy a bit of code wrangling. This list is a smattering of past projects, some of which can still be found alive on the World Wide Web.

Regarding my skills, I write Standards-Compliant HTML and CSS, PHP with MySQL, and a bit of Javascript and jQuery. I shun WYSIWYG HTML editors. I prefer a hands-on approach to coding which informs my design sensibility – all that form follows function jazz. I am not a decorator. I aim to make clean, usable, economical websites.

Contact me if you like what you see and want some for yourself. I handle every aspect of the job, from securing domain names and hosting and SSL certificates to custom content management development and custom e-commerce and shopping cart applications.



TypeTrust is the digital font boutique I formed with Neil Summerour in 2005. I wrote most of the CSS, developed parts of the font previewing functions, and fine-tuned the shopping cart and customer account pages.


Art Los Angeles Contemporary


I was contracted by Fair Grounds Associates as designer and webmaster for their brand new art fair, Art Los Angeles Contemporary. I use the term “brand new” in the most literal sense because we built everything from the ground up, including two custom type families. I built the entire website from scratch, complete with a custom content management system and a password-protected VIP admin for guests to RSVP for special events during the fair.


Dirk Knibbe


Looking at Dirk's studio practice and gritty snapshot photography alongside his exacting curatorial activities, zine production, and print design, it was clear that everything needed to be shared on the same platform. What emerged is a nearly encyclopedic catalog of his various activities, and with it the recognition of a clear voice and vision—something only a robust website or personal museum could offer.

Horton Gallery


Horton Gallery is the eponymous contemporary art space of Sean Clayton Horton, located in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood. The website features webfonts of my Author typeface, with modifications per Sean's keen eye for design.

Kavi Gupta Gallery


I originally built Kavi's website in 2008, and updated it in 2012 with several additions and modifications throughout its existence as the gallery has expanded to new spaces.



THE MISSION is the contemporary art gallery of fellow SAIC alumnus Sebastian Campos having locations in Chicago and Campos's hometown of Houston. The website is built on my basic gallery code with a few additions to accommodate the unique curatorial program, specifically THE SUB-MISSION project.


A Simple Photo Portfolio




I first developed this basic image portfolio website for a few photographer friends. It's an especially effective website structure for contemporary art photographers.


Rob Doran


Rob wanted a website to showcase his studio art and design work. We closely collaborated on the design to make it a suitable extension of his aesthetic without drowning the content. The devil is in the details, and Rob keeps a very sharp eye on him.


Martha Mulholland


Martha is a classy southern debutant at heart and she needed a classy, respectful portfolio of her interior decoration and visual merchandising work. The deadline was short and some of her documentation needed refinement, but we were able to put together this concise and professional mini-site to give her talents some deserved attention.

Alia Penner


Alia Penner is an unstoppable creative wunderkind.


Sandy de Lissovoy


I met Sandy on a consultation to Rosamund Felsen's gallery in Santa Monica where he works as Rosamund's assistant and gallery manager. Although I advised Rosamund to stick with her current webmaster, Sandy later contacted me for a portfolio site. I incorporated Vimeo embedding for his video pieces and a Javascript dropdown menu for thumbnail navigation on the project-level pages.

Black Tent Press


The folks at Black Tent Press needed to sell some records. I equipped them with this simple website based on their design sketches and added MP3 previews and custom PayPal buttons. Check out the exquisite tunes and buy some of that quality vinyl packaged in hand-printed sleeves.

Arlo Graphic Design


Ryan Halvorsen over at Arlo Graphic Design needed to update the Arlo site. We collaborated on the structure and finer points of the navigation while Ryan provided the amazing content and populated the MySQL database himself.